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What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which demonstrates the energy rating of a building. AN EPC gives prospective buyers or tenant’s information about the energy efficiency of the building they’re buying or renting. A Europe-wide initiative it is part of an ongoing government programme to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. Based on the carbon emissions the building is likely to produce, an energy rating from A to G is given, with A being very efficient and G the least efficient. All EPCs come with a recommendation report, which includes suggestions for using the building more efficiently and improving its energy efficiency, and indicates how long it will take to recoup through energy savings any outlay made.


Energy Performance Cerificate (EPC) Explained
THE EPC PARTNERSHIP are accreditated National Energy Assessors and provide Official Government Energy performance Certificates on a wide range of properties. We act for a wide range of clients across the UK to include large corporations, Local Authorities, Commercial Property Agents, Solicitors and Individual business and property owners.

We are qualified to provide all levels of EPC's in line with Government Legislation and are one of the few companies able to Produce Level 5 Certificates for more complex buildings. We are well established in this market place and have been providing this service since the introduction of the legislation by the Government in 2008. We are also appointed Commercial EPC Auditors and Audit a large number of reports on a weekly basis on behalf of Government Accreditation schemes to ensure quality standards and compliance levels are met by Qualified Energy Assessors in line with Government Standards

In addition to providing EPC's we are also accreditated to Provide Government Air Conditioning Inspections certificates. Display Energy Performance certificates (DEC), Land registry compliant lease plans, Building Regulation Compliance using ISBEM & On Construction EPC’s.